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The Effects of a Single-Parent Family

Changes in Society are Affecting the Family Unit in a Negative Way

The Disappearing Family Structure

In today’s ever-changing world, more attention is now being drawn towards different family structures than the traditional nuclear family structure that many people are familiar with. One of these types is the single-parent family, in which, due to divorce or tragedy, one of the parents is forced out of the picture. It is rarely a pretty scene seeing a family transition from a traditional family structure to a single-parent structure, and the effects can leave lasting scars.

Negative Effects on Children

Single-parent families are under constant stress, due to the lack of support that a traditional family has. They tend to struggle more financially than two-parent families, due to the lack of a dual income. This can restrict children from being able to fully enjoy the benefits of extracurricular sports or academic programs, hindering their overall life experiences as a normal child.

Emotional Drawbacks

The lack of attention that children from single-parent families receive has a major effect on their emotional well-being. Regardless of the reason why the family was forced into a single-parent structure, these children struggle with issues of self-worth and resentment towards one or both of their parents or even other people. They might blame themselves or their parents for the emotional stress they are under and start to act out in an attempt to remove themselves from the emotional turmoil.

Custody and Legal Issues

Arguments and legal disputes about who has guardianship over children is one of the more stressful parts of single-parent families. These disputes tend to be between divorcing parents or family members arguing over who is more fit to care for the children and provide for their well-being. A child custody lawyer can help determine what a child’s needs are and what approach to take that is in their best interest in cases where it might not be so clear cut and obvious.

Getting Help Makes a Difference

Single-parent families are placed in a vulnerable position and suffer from a multitude of problems that traditional families do not have to experience. Forced to cope with little support, the parents and children in single-parent families struggle with issues that could have terrible consequences further on in life. However, with outside help from extended family, friends, and government assistance, these issues can be properly dealt with in order to minimize the consequences.